About Us – Online Business Builders

Online Business Builders Who Are We?

Hendrik Vos ImageLet me start by introducing myself. I’m Hendrik Vos – but you can call me Vossey,  I’m the owner of this business.

We are Web Promotion Engineers

We help local business owners generate more local business leads so they never have to worry about where their next customer is coming from.

We convert your advertising expenses and back room brochure websites into an online business asset. We get you higher search engine rankings and better conversions too…

…and higher rankings + more conversions = more leads, more sales and more profitable growth.

I started Online Business Builders after over 25 years experience in marketing and sales in a variety of industries and countries. I want to add some value to the lifeblood of the economy – small and medium business.

Our business experience encompasses:

  • Customer service and customer experience improvement.
  • Market research and customer satisfaction tracking.
  • Developing referral networks and customer testimonials.
  • Lead management.
  • Cross sell, up sell and customer retention programs.
  • Branding and marketing.

What Makes Online Business Builders Different?

The following four factors make us unique:

  1. Many years of hands on and strategic direct marketing experience
  2. Proven success and five plus years of study and learning online marketing
  3. A low cost structure
  4. You get access to senior people on your account

This experience is our key point of difference. We have the experience to know what’s the right thing to do for your business to it leave it in a better state than before you hired us. And that’s not the case for many online marketing suppliers.

Where else will you find a web promotion engineer who has all the other real life marketing experience growing a business with customers?

Our Vision

Online Business Builders will simply be a servant to Australian small and medium-sized businesses in our chosen niche markets to make the owners better off and more profitable.


Our mission is to provide a better, more cost-effective, local marketing system for your business. We will use our knowledge and expertise to develop smarter ways of generating opportunities and winning new business.