The Benefits Of A Google Places Listing

A Google Places Listing: What’s So Good About It?

Google Places Listing

It’s Free To Have A Listing

The main benefit of the Google Places listing is that it is free. Yes free!

With A Google Places Listing You Can Get Your Small Business On Page 1 Of Google

Getting your small business website listed at the top of page one of Google is a competitive business, and it’s hard to do with search engine optimisation of your website.  It could easily take you 6-12 months and $100’s or even $1, 000’s to get a new business website on the first page of Google.  The great news is that you can quickly get to the top of the listings for a local search term, even with a brand-new website.

Your Business Is Shown To Local Buyers

Imagine that someone wants to buy a product or service – like a local hairdresser. They are likely to be a buyer because they are looking locally for a specific service. So if a person types “Sydney hairdresser” into their Google search, your hairdressing business could display higher than most of the organic website listings – even for those websites that have been live for years.

Your Business Gets In Front Of Mobile Searchers

We all know about smart phones – the iPhone and its cousins the Android phones.

  • Ownership of these is now broad – a recent survey reported over 40% of mobile phones are smart phones.
  • Everyday over half of these smart phone users access the Internet.
  • Recent Google data indicates that there are nearly more searches happening on mobile phones than on a desk and laptop based computers…and the volume of mobile searches grew 130% last year.

Let’s say someone’s on their iPhone and needs to find a restaurant. They type in “Restaurant” in Google (rather than entering the Yellow Pages website) and find the three nearest restaurants and read their reviews.

If you have a restaurant, and you’re in Google Places, your business will show up in their search if your listing is correctly set up. They might even walk into your restaurant or call for a booking if they are close. If your listing was not there what would have happened?  Exactly …nothing.

You Can Use A Google Places Listing For Marketing

You can use the Google Tags service to highlight the benefits of your business that you want to tell potential customers. In your Google Places listing, you can post updates, events, promotions and specials for new and existing customers.

You Get Excellent Analytics

One of the best features of Google Places is that you get excellent analytics on your listing… better than most other local listings.  You can see many of the search terms people used to find your listing.

You can use this to detect trends in the types of search people are using to find your business.    If you are at all entrepreneurial, this feedback could help you to adjust your product offering to better cater for your customers.

You can see how many searchers are being shown your listing (Impressions).  You can also see how engaged they are with your listing by seeing how many “Actions”, such as clicking to your website or viewing driving directions, are completed.

The Downside of a Google Places Listing

There are a few downsides of getting and maintaining a Google Places listing:

  • For most search terms, Google has limited the number of Google Places listings shown on the first page of the search result to seven.
  • It takes some skill, time and knowledge to set up the listing properly.
  • You need to take notice of the analytics produced from your site to increase its listing power.
  • You need to be able to gain positive reviews and manage the impact of negative reviews of your business.

For most search terms, Google has limited the number of Google Places listings shown on the first page of the search result to seven.


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