How Consumers Are Using Online Reviews

Watch this short video to help you understand how online reviews are becoming more widely accepted and used. It makes sense – just think about how you are using them for finding restaurants and accommodation.

Now that Google, Yelp and the other review sites have gotten on top of review spammers, people are starting to trust them more and more. I believe that a great online reputation should be a foundation element of your online presence. A good reputation leads to:

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Chain links and words SEO Link Building Tactics You Should Avoid

SEO Link Building Tactics You Should Avoid

Many websites are reeling from the impact of the recently rolled out Google Penguin algorithm update and in Part One of this series, we looked at what has changed recently in link building. Knowingly or unknowingly, SEO’s and business may be using questionable types of link building methods in their desperate desire to rank highly …

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Blog image and words Why Your Business Should Have A Business Blog

Why Your Business Should Have A Business Blog

What Is The Value of Business Blogs

With more and more people thinking about adding blogs to their existing websites, or blogging regularly and wondering if it’s working, I thought we’d address the topic of “Does blogging add any value”? If it does, why does it work and how is it best to go about doing that?

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