Do Google Ads Really Work?

A question I’m often asked is “does Google Adwords actually work“?

It Depends On Your Business Goal

Does adwords work - that depends on your business goalWhat do you realistically expect from a Google Adwords campaign?

If the answer is “business,” you might be disappointed. That’s because Google Adwords is intended to send qualified prospects your way based on keyword searches, and many advertisers:

  • Load the program with too many vague and unfocussed search terms (among other unrealistic practices).
  • Expect it to do the heavy lifting of converting a prospect to a sale as well.

And neither of these is a realistic outcome in its own right. More work is required in the sales funnel.

The Potential Sale

All commerce begins with a potential sale. Successful businesses tap Google Adwords to identify several avenues of potential business.

Awareness Building

Some campaigns can be designed for consumer awareness. Quite simply, Google searchers cannot patronise businesses about which they are not aware. First, inform sales leads. Then, convert them. Enterprises may utilise Google Adwords to steer potential customers to pure content which is (hopefully) linked directly to the product or service on offer. Sometimes, education is the first best marketing strategy.

Traffic Building

Traffic also produces leads. Increasingly, companies offer lead magnets (such as brochures or even topical white papers) in exchange for a simple email address. This may be the start of a business relationship if it is managed well. In this case, Google Adwords would “work” based on the number of leads which the pay-per-click (PPC) ads have generated. Such a simple measure is often overlooked by entrepreneurs.

Sales Generation and Conversions

A business owner may impose a stricter form of success on an advertising campaign: conversions. When web site visitors buy a product, the business has “converted” them. The fishing equivalent is to have one “on the hook.” The comparison is apt, because not every fisher actually reels in the bite. That takes more work and – sometimes – ingenuity. The same is true for businesses whose Google Adwords campaign produces conversions – it’s not just about the ads, it’s also about the sales process on your website and offline.

Identify Your Goals

 business who spend a $1 on adwords on average make $2.Once you have a clear idea of your goals, it’s much easier to determine how to build a money machine on adwords. The facts are, many business do may AdWords work. In fact, Google makes most of their profits form adwords and they report that business who spend  $1 on AdWords on average make $2. That’s a money machine right there.


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