Ecommerce SEO In 2017

Ecommerce SEO in 2017

I think you’ll agree that ecommerce SEO is tough.   Lot’s of products, categories and pages to deal with and too much to do right?

So in this round up about ecommerce SEO, I’ve included some included some great advice from two authoritative sources.

First Brian Dean from Backlinko, explains the 4 most critical factors that go into ranking ecommerce websites.  And because Brain refers to link authority, Read More→

What Google’s Mobile First Indexing Means For Your Website

What Does Google's Mobile First Ranking Change Mean For My Website?

On 4 November Google announced mobile first indexing.

Most Google searches are now mobile but Google uses the desktop site to set up their ranking of the search result pages.

User experience is important to Google and the desktop ranking thing leaves them with a bit of a problem.  The problem comes about because their ranking systems typically look at the desktop version of a website page rather than evaluating Read More→

Act Now: Google Announces Future Change To Mobile Engine Search Rankings

will these mobile search engine rankings change on April 21?

My local supermarket shopping area in Kareela is being redeveloped. The local butcher and fruit market had early warning about this and were able to manage it – they now operate an online store

They responded effectively to a pre-announced change. We all would in this situation.

You would to wouldn’t you? Read More→

5 Ridiculously Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

Getting the handle of Facebook targeting strategy can be tough. The average user spends upwards of 40 minutes a day on Facebook.

  • The first thing necessary to get to your target audience is to tap into the purchasing behavior of Facebook users. Knowing what users are buying on a daily basis can give you a leg up on your audience.
  • Next is to target major events that have huge impact on peoples daily lives. Once you have your target the next step is to nurture and build your target audience as well as expand your audience and continue building through a lookalike audience.
  • Lastly you want to layer your advertising, for example you can target an age range of 60 years old as well as anyone who bought a home within the last month. This not only hits things like senior homes but new home buyers as well.

Read the full article here:
5 Ridiculously Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies | Wordstream

How Does Google Adwords Compare To Other Advertising?

You prosper from realism. Frankly, those of us who are most realistic are most equipped to adjust to turbulent times. Not only that, but we successfully navigate change. In the modern digital marketing realm, business is even more propelled by no-nonsense reality. Put simply, a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign works, or it doesn’t work.

The advent of Google Adwords poses a delicious opportunity for you to exercise your realism. However, it is digital advertising – a relatively new and exploding commercial vehicle. Read More→

Two Ways To Save $10,000 In Your Adwords Account

A Wordstream report showed that a typical small business owner spends about $1500 on Adwords and wastes 25% of their ad budget. That’s $4,500 a year. We often find that this is much worse in unmanaged accounts.

We just saved a small business owner over $10,000 in wasted advertising expense and in this post I will outline to two key ways you can do that in your Adwords account, especially if you just operate it as a set and forget approach.

Get Active In Your Adwords Account

How often do you make changes in your Adwords account?  Given all the other things you have to do, it’s not surprising that you may not be actioning changes as often as you need to. You are not alone in this, the same Wordstream report showed that that only 1% of business owners who run their own Adwords made changes consistently on a weekly basis.

Top 5 Ways To Improve PPC

Read More→

10 Tools To Blame When Google Adwords Goes Wrong

Mirror image

All that is new and hot may not necessarily be best. That is why the effectiveness of digital advertising – and more specifically Google Adwords – is being hotly debated all over the world. Business owners gather at forums to share their experiences, and those experiences are mixed. If numbers tell a story, then Adwords is could be a questionable investment. However, many business people do not yet understand the need for a certain level of digital literacy in order to truly optimise Google Adwords. Read More→

How Bidding More On Adwords Can Stuff Up Your Traffic And Profitability

In this article I will look at some messy misconceptions about Adwords in relation to paying more for traffic.

If you are running an Adwords account, you have probably thought of this yourself after looking at lost impression share…, “well I’ll just increase my bid price” to get more impression share, traffic and that will improve my clicks.

Increasing Bids Can Be A Trap

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How to Use Google Adwords

As the world transitions to the new digital paradigm, business adopts digital marketing. It’s a massive mandate to move from print advertising to the three most powerful constituents of the new digital marketplace: pay-per-click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). More and more, companies expand with electronic reach. E-commerce is growing exponentially. Yet, many commercial decision-makers are struggling to not only adopt the most effective digital marketing practices, but to keep up with their blindingly-swift evolution.

Google currently dominates the SEM world. Therefore, the company’s program, “Adwords,” is a crucial tool in the modern digital marketing model. Read More→

Should You Do Your Own PPC or Adwords Advertising?

Business 2 Community poses an interesting question about PPC management by asking if business owners should do their own PPC management. I say they should not.

taxjpgThe question is a little like asking if a business owner can do their own tax, accounting or OSH work. You can do it..but you probably don’t know what you don’t know and that means you are likely to get a sub-optimal result and it could end in disaster.

I can think of some cases where it might be appropriate for you are a the business owner to do your own PPC if:

  • You are operating a tiny budget. For example if you are on a budget of less than $500 a month with AdWords, it’s possible that the gains you get from having someone else manage it, will be negated by the cost of their services. So a few blunders here and there are not a major cost.
  • Your business is large enough to justify employing someone with a good level of expertise on a full time or part time basis to run your campaigns.


In all other cases, it’s likely you will be better off getting a digital agency to manage your PPC for you. In 100% of cases where I have taken on client Adwords accounts where they have been managed – let’s call it that – by the client, I’ve been able to improve the outcomes by more than the cost of my service. And don’t forget that even a tiny budget can become a source of leads or a money machine of properly managed.

If you are determined to DIY your AdWords, make sure you avoid the six AdWords common mistakes we see. Furthermore, most small business accounts suffer from lack of management and optimisation.

Here’s the link to the full Business 2 Community article.!SKgVG


If you want to find out how your Adwords account’s operational effectiveness compares with the market benchmarks, and where you can do better, give me a call and we can run an analysis for you.