How Bidding More On Adwords Can Stuff Up Your Traffic And Profitability

In this article I will look at some messy misconceptions about Adwords in relation to paying more for traffic.

If you are running an Adwords account, you have probably thought of this yourself after looking at lost impression share?, “well I’ll just increase my bid price” to get more impression share, traffic and that will improve my clicks.

Increasing Bids Can Be A Trap

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Person on whiteboard and question How Do I Use Google Adwords

How to Use Google Adwords

As the world transitions to the new digital paradigm, business adopts digital marketing. It’s a massive mandate to move from print advertising to the three most powerful constituents of the new digital marketplace: pay-per-click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). More and more, companies expand with electronic reach. E-commerce is growing exponentially. Yet, many commercial decision-makers are struggling to not only adopt the most effective digital marketing practices, but to keep up with their blindingly-swift evolution.

Google currently dominates the SEM world. Therefore, the company’s program, “Adwords,” is a crucial tool in the modern digital marketing model.

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People with hands raised and question Do Google Ads Really Work?

Do Google Ads Really Work?

A question I’m often asked is “does Google Adwords actually work“?

It Depends On Your Business Goal

Does adwords work - that depends on your business goalWhat do you realistically expect from a Google Adwords campaign?

If the answer is “business,” you might be disappointed. That’s because Google Adwords is intended to send qualified prospects your way based on keyword searches, and many advertisers:

  • Load the program with too many vague and unfocussed search terms (among other unrealistic practices).
  • Expect it to do the heavy lifting of converting a prospect to a sale as well.

And neither of these is a realistic outcome in its own right. More work is required in the sales funnel.

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people walking away and message Remarketing Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Remarketing Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Are You Wasting 95% of Your Website Traffic?

We all work so damn hard to get visitors to our website so we can get more leads and sales.

  • Some of us want more leads.
  • Some of us want more e-commerce sales.

The sad fact is because up to 95 out of 100 visitors leave your site without converting.?They disappear into the ether and never come back. So 90% of the money you are paying Google for Adwords or Facebook for increasing the reach of your posts could just be wasted.

Did You Ever Buy The Frist Time?

Not only are 9 in 10 people leaving your site, but the simple fact is – unless you are buying a simple commodity product – no one buys the first time. Did you ever? Didn’t think so.

You Need To Create More Communication Opportunities

It’s been shown that the buying journey for most products is typically long, complex and involves 7 – 9 touches or advertising impacts before someone buys. So if the potential buyer only goes to your website once and can’t get back there easily – how’s that going to go? Disaster. You need to find a way to get them back to you and that’s were remarketing comes in.

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