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Remarketing – Get More Sales From Existing Traffic

You work pretty hard to get qualified visitors to your website with search engine optimisation, content creation, email marketing and adwords.

Big trouble
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Sadly, the majority, – 80% plus in many cases, don’t convert to a prospect, lead or sale immediately.

This is normal because people:

  • Need more than one contact to make a sale – the norm is around 7.
  • Get distracted.
  • Want to discuss the decision with others.
  • Want more information.
  • Are not read to buy at that time.

The list goes on, but irrespective of the reason, they leave your website and will perhaps never visit again.

How many times have you found something interesting that you wanted to get back to and couldn’t remember how you got to the site the last time you were looking around for a solution to your problem.

Adwords Remarketing

There is a really useful solution to this problem – Adwords Remarketing Remarketing, which is an option in Google AdWords, lets you communicate with those visitors who looked at your website, products etc without converting.

It improves your chances of getting them back and the costs are reasonable.

With the latest round of enhancements you can – and probably should be focussing on some specific visitor types like these:

  • People who looked at more than one page of your site or spent more than -say- 2 minutes on your site.
  • Someone who visited your site and looked at several products.
  • A visitor who added products to the shopping cart and then abandoned before buying.
  • Someone who visited your contact page
  • A prospect who completed a goal – for example asked for an ebook download or clicked on your phone number to call it.

These target groups are fairly warm target audiences and you would certainly benefit from more contact.

This video from Google explains more about how it works.

This article explains how to implement remarketing and how you?you more easily create remarketing campaigns to show ads across the Google Display Network (GDN)…More at A simpler way to re-connect with your website visitors – Analytics Blog


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