How To Get A Free Google Places Listing

Does Your Small Business Need A Free Google Listing?

Let me ask you this:

  • Do you want more customers?
  • Do you want to spend less on advertising and Yellow Pages listings?
  • Do you have a website that is not on page 1 of Google?
  • Would you like to get more free traffic to your business website and convert more visitors to customers?

If you answered YES to any of these, then a free Google Places listing will be very helpful addition to your small business internet marketing approach.

Savvy business owners know they need to be marketing online because there is no getting away from the facts:

  • Most people use the Internet to research products and services in their local area.
  • One in three searches in Google is local.
  • According to Google, more than two-thirds of online activity is related to local content.
  • Eighty percent of a local business comes from within 5-10km of your location.
  • Traditional advertising mediums are losing their effectiveness. When was the last time you actually opened the Yellow Pages or White Pages to find a business?
  • Mobile searches make up a significant portion of all Google searches these days because smart phones like the iPhone are making this much easier.

And one of the best methods of reaching these local searchers is totally free. Check out this short video to find out more about Google Places.

In short, Google Places boosts your small business internet marketing because it gives local searchers a small set of local listings for the search terms they entered. It provides; the business names, the street address, the telephone number, the Web address, and even driving directions on how to get from where they are to your business.

Google Places listings appear on Google maps and if you set up your Google Places listing correctly, it will appear right on page one of the Google search results. That’s effective search engine marketing. Page one of Google is valuable virtual real estate.


Why A Google Places Listing Will Be Gold For Your Small Business Internet Marketing

There are many reasons why a Google Places listing could bring major benefits to your local small business internet marketing activities. The Yellow Pages is going out of favour these days so you need to find other ways for your customers to find you online. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are becoming more important.

Small business internet marketingA Google Places listing can drive lots of targeted leads and potential customers to your small business – the goal of most small business internet marketing activities! We have seen listings get thousands of impressions (including displaying the phone numbers) and hundreds of clicks through to the website.

With this extra traffic, you’re able to:

  • Save money on directory and local advertising.
  • Save money on AdWords.
  • Improve your business credibility.
  • Beat out your local competition.
  • Get found more easily by customers.
  • Choose where you serve your customers – no more driving all around town.
  • Choose which customers to serve.

A Google Places listing is likely to add benefit to your internet marketing by increasing your sales and/or reducing your costs. In addition, it’s free – you don’t pay-per-click or impression…so why wouldn’t you create one as part of your small business internet marketing plan?

Do You Already Have A Google Places Listing?

Do you already have a Google Places listing? We have seen many instances where Google has used information from other directories to make its own Google Places listing for a business. While this is great, it is unlikely to be complete and may not be saying what you want to say. So it is essential, that you take control of the listing if you have not done so.

To find out how to claim your Google Places listing, just fill in your details on the form on the right. That will give you access to our free video tutorial that will help you set up  or claim your listing.

How To Check If You Have A Google Places Listing

For example, if your business is in plumbing, and you live in the suburb Toyo, then you would enter the search term “plumber Toyo” and see if Google returns Google Places entries and if your business entry is in that list. Don’t forget to check the “more Places listings” at the bottom of the list. Or you can just enter your business name in Google to see if they have created a listing for your business.

You can also do a search of this type to see how valuable it would be to have a local Places listing for your small business.

Get Your Small Business Internet Marketing Rolling Listed Using Google Places

Submitting a listing to the Google Places directory may not be that difficult but what most small business owners don’t realise is that it’s important to do it right if you’re going to have it seen on page 1 of the local searches.

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