Five Ways To Increase Website Traffic

If you are like most business owners, you are likely looking for more leads, and customers.  Driving more traffic to your website is a great way of doing this. For most businesses, there are five main options, which we access and use, depending on the business situation and your needs. These are:

Using Search Engine Optimisation To Increase Website Traffic

search engine optimisationTraditional search engine optimisation has involved on site / on page optimisation of Meta tags, Meta keywords and on page factors such as keyword density. These are now much less important, but still worth focusing on.

On the other hand, the manufactured link building that has been carried out by the search engine optimisation industry over the last five years is dead. Unfortunately, some SEOs continue to sell these programs. I can only surmise that they are naive, outdated, negligent or just downright criminal.

So as a business owner, you need to be very careful about search engine optimisation offers and suppliers as they are presented to you. You also need to have some foresight into how things might develop in the future to avoid programs and link building schemes that might work today but will get you in trouble and get your site penalised in the future.

Check out Google’s SEO Starter Guide.

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AdWords and Other PPC

AdwordsThe second option to increase website traffic is PPC advertising, particularly Google AdWords.

This is a viable option for most businesses. It’s deceptively easy to set up but a great number of businesses don’t manage to make it profitable. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses end up canning their AdWords, saying it’s not worth doing.

That’s because Google AdWords needs four core elements and most people only do the first two. These elements are:

  • Keywords,
  • Ad copy,
  • Landing pages, and
  • Constant optimisation.

If you only do two out of four of these, you aren’t going to win the battle on AdWords. In fact Google will be asking you for more money on a regular basis.

This is because Google AdWords is kind of like a stock-market auction – lots of people can see your ad, they can see which keywords you are bidding on and you can see what competitors are doing at the top-level. It’s very transparent with everybody copying each other.

The difference in effectiveness  is actually in the value you create using landing pages and optimisation because that’s the activity that the others aren’t doing.

Many business owners also make at least five critical errors in setting up their AdWords campaigns. This ends up costing them a fortune in advertising expenses.

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As direct marketers, we think Google AdWords is the bee’s knees, because if you do AdWords optimisation better than your competitors, you will:

  • Get better placements on the page and pay less for those so you always get more clicks and visitors to your site than your competitors and pay less for them.
  • Get your AdWords campaign into a position where it’s optimised sufficiently well for you to build a money machine. If you know what you’re prepared to pay for a sale or a lead, and you can buy them for less than that, you are doing that all day. Wouldn’t you?  You can spend 100 bucks, and earn 100 bucks plus in profit – learn how.

Google Places

google placesTo start with, Google places or what is now known as Google + Local is free. This is a great way for local businesses and businesses with physical branches to get lots of targeted traffic to your website because you can gain a presence on Google’s page one for very low-cost.

Your Google places listing will get lots of impressions and drive traffic to your website. Best of all, it’s free. There may be a small investment to set up and optimise if you need someone to do the work for you.

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Inbound Content Marketing

Because of the changes Google made in the last year, content marketing has become even more important for traffic building because it is consistent with what they are trying to do.

Google wants to deliver high quality search results to people searching on Google. They want people to continue to use them as their primary search engine, (and 90% of Australians seem to do so) so they can continue to expose us to AdWords advertising. That’s where they make the big bucks.

So you can get your site ranked higher if you produce great quality, unique content on your topic. Not average content, not okay content but great content that people value, learn from, are surprised by, and are willing to link to.

This is of subsidiary benefit in that more pages create more relevance for search terms on your website and therefore due to the higher relevance, your site gets found more often and delivers more traffic to your site and thus more profit opportunities.

It also increases your website’s authority and this helps your pages rank higher.

The higher rankings will also deliver more traffic to your website.  Think of a high authority site like the BBC. If they write an article about a topic in your industry, it’s highly likely that the article would rank on page 1 of Google without them doing anything else except putting the topic name in the meta title – maybe even not that.

No need for back links – authority does the job, all on its own.

Content marketing is also great for many local businesses because the cost is controllable. You can set a budget and work to it.

Obviously, if you really want to get ahead quickly, you need to add more content to your site more quickly. The ROI of this type of activity is very high because the content stays on your site and continues to add weight to the site.

If you produce just one new blog post a week, then after a year, you will have 50 odd new pages on your website that wouldn’t have been there before.  That may well make your website larger and more authoritative than most of your competitors. Plus the pages never go away and you can continue to build on them, year in year out.

Using Social Media To Get More Traffic

A fad going on with business owners today is developing social media business profiles on Facebook.

But most business owners don’t know how to do the social media thing right:

  • They spend way too much time on it.
  • They have no clear goals.
  • They don’t know what to measure or worst of all, they don’t measure anything at all
  • And as far as the audience is concerned, they only talk about their business and themselves – boring.

The net result of this is that the social media profile is ineffective and the business owner gives up after about six months, saying the whole thing is tiresome, onerous and ineffective.

We use Social Media but only as part of our Social SEO Profit Elevator system. It’s focussed strategy that uses great content and social media to build an audience and drive non-Google traffic to your website.  Find out more here – social search engine optimisation.