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google places management
Our Google Places management service helps you to list and promote your small business effectively. We see it as our mission to help local business owners generate more leads and customers online and to get great results quickly for your on-line and off-line marketing. Our approach is effective and, most importantly, it works with proven results!

Google Places Management – What It Covers

Here are some of the things that we are can cover for your small business in relation to your Google Places listing.

Helping To Determine Your Keyword Strategy

The foundation of good execution is based on a sound strategy. Finalising your keyword strategy is a critical foundation for your online business. You know your business and we know Internet marketing, so we can help you to find, select and focus on the best keyword terms that reflect your business and drive maximum qualified visitors to your website and business in the context of your marketing resources.

Your keyword strategy drives when and where your Google Places listing will appear, depending on what your customers and prospects enter into Google search.

Establishing Local Directory Listings

Perhaps you already have a listing in the Yellow Pages or True Local?  If not, we can set up listings for you in paid and free local directory listings.  Critical to this is establishing the listings so your online presence is delivered consistently. We can adjust existing listings to reflect your new keyword strategy. We can establish more new listings for your business to give you wider coverage and add power to your Google Places listing.

Create Or Verify Your Google Places Listing

In many cases, Google has already created a listing for your business from existing information such as your Yellow Pages or other directory listing. For most small business owners, this listing will not accurately reflect your keyword strategy so we can claim it on your behalf and start to optimise it to reflect you keyword strategy.In some cases your business listing may have been hijacked by an unscrupulous operator. We can help you to reclaim an existing business listing that has been hijacked.

Where Google has not set up a listing for your business we can set up a fully optimised Google Places listing for you.

Setting Up A Great Google Places Listing

Remember, these Google Places listings can produce, hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of impressions per month for your local business. So it’s worth setting them up correctly.  We know how to do this to maximise the power and competitiveness of your listing to make sure it shows up when it should… ahead of your local competitors.

We make your listing as complete as possible. We will always source, develop and include 10 photographs and five YouTube videos for your Google Places business listing.

Google Places Management: Linking To Your Website

We will link your Google Places listing to your website and where possible, optimise your website for your Google Places listing.

While Google will not say (they never disclose the details of how they rank pages in the search engines) it seems that the ranking of your business website in the organic (regular, non-Google Places) search results for your keywords does appear to influence where your business is ranked within Google Places. So all other things being equal, a business with a website will rank higher in Google Places than a business without a website and a business with a well optimised website that is ranking high in Google will transfer some of that power to the Google Places listing so it is shown higher in the listing compared to a business with a poorly optimised website.

Google Places aside, it’s critically important that your site is optimised for the search engines, and we can do this for you. Also, if you don’t have a website or would like a new one, we can help to get you started with a fully optimised website that won’t cost you, an arm and a leg!

Customer Reviews

Google wants people searching the Internet for your business category to get useful information to empower their decisions about choosing local businesses to deal with. More and more they will give weight to the power of customer reviews about businesses they have used. Again – all other things being equal – a Places listing with more (and better) reviews will outrank a listing with few or no reviews.

Google wants reviews to be informative and insightful and real – from real people with authentic, direct experience of your business. Google has processes in place to pick up people who cheat the system by putting up reviews where there is a conflict of interest, for example, where you have paid customers to write positive reviews about your business, or to write negative reviews about a competitor or where you have posted reviews on behalf of your business.

We can help you to set up ethical processes to collect great reviews for your Google Places listing.

Unfortunately, from time to time, your business will attract negative reviews or inappropriate reviews or review content. We can help you to manage these situations so the negative impact of them is minimised, but the best defence against a negative review is to have lots of positive reviews. Make sure you have a process for collecting reviews.

Using Your Google Places Listing In Your Overall Promotional Plan

If you are a local business using AdWords, Google now allows you to use your Places listing in a way that makes your ads stand out more. This gives an extra line of information on your AdWords and acts as a visual differentiator for your ads, which will help to increase your click thru rates.

You can also add coupons to your Google Places listing to attract new customers. For example, you can offer a discount to attract new customers.

Lastly, you can add updates to your Google places listing. For example, if you are offering an end of year special, you can add that to the listing so searchers can see that as soon as they connect to the page.

For a more an exact price, please contact us.  As a small business owner, I’m sure you’ll understand that we can’t give an accurate price unless we understand what we need to do on your behalf, just as a builder could not give a price for a new room on a house without understanding the size of the room and the style and materials you want to build it in.

Get started today, contact us or for a faster response call me on 02 800 34 35 6

Don’t risk

  • Your business will not be found by your local customer.
  • Being overtaken by your competitors in your market.
  • The consequences of a bad review on your existing listing.

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