SEO Services: Old Style SEO Is Dead

Turning SEO Into Profit Making

Yes we are SEO experts, but most SEOs have it wrong because they focus only on your rankings and your back links. At Online Business Builders our only SEO focus is on making more money for you.

We Don’t Care About Rankings

Our approach to search engine optimisation is different from most SEO’s. Getting you ranked for some keyword is fairly straight forward – and easy at times.

But you have probably been there. Paid some SEO person to get you ranked for a keyword or two, but didn’t notice any real increase in business – and that’s what counts, right?

So we use our Social  SEO Profit Elevator service to increase the flow of leads, sales and customers into your sales pipeline, as well as the value of those customers. This, in the end is what you are after when you contract an SEO person to do your online marketing. Rankings come as a by-product.

But most SEO’s have it wrong.


Because they are in the link making business and the ranking business – and that’s not what business owners like you want. is it? And it’s not what Google wants either.

We are in the online marketing business – we only really care about what you care about, customers, profits and expenses.

SEO Services With A High ROI

Our approach builds traffic – and profits using social SEO. Let me tell you want it’s not about:

    • It’s not using poor quality directory listings
    • It’s not about using content distribution networks.
    • It doesn’t use article sites.
    • It is also not about creating a bunch of social media links or forum profiles because Google is already acting on this spam by ignoring it or penalising site owners for manufacturing these spam links.
    • It’s not about article spinning or syndication.
    • And it isn’t about using spinners or scrapers or foreign overseas bloggers because none of that works any more.
    • There isn’t some magic WordPress plug-in that will solve all your problems.
    • It does not use super private blog networks because unless it is never used, there is no such thing as a secret or private blog network that Google can’t detect.

Search Engine Optimisation Is Dead – Killed By Pandas and Penguins

In 2013 alone, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of websites have been removed from the search index by Google changing the way it filters its algorithm. Just search for Google Panda and Google Penguin to find out more.

What we offer Google-proofs your business by focusing on marketing and not link building. In fact, we don’t worry about links and anchor text or even ranking.  That all takes care of itself if you do the right online marketing.

The SEO Industry’s Link Building Is Not Working

Dead End

Scott Ableman via Compfight

The first problem is that the SEO industry has been manufacturing links or paying for links (Google calls these inorganic links) for years.  This process is actually against the terms of service of the search engines.

Unfortunately, search engines have let people away with this for a several years. This resulted in many sites being  ranked higher than they should have been in their merits.

Recently, Google has come down hard on manufacturing inorganic links.

How Were Links Manufactured?

Site owners and search engine optimisers have been manufacturing links by:

  • Buying links on blog networks or content distribution networks, as they are sometimes called.
  • Buying fake Twitter links
  • Buying text link ads
  • Adding links from directories
  • Using social bookmarking sites to create 1000’s of social bookmarks
  • Using Web 2.0 properties such as Insane Journal or Blogher to build links
  • Using robots to create fake forum profiles

If you do this, when Google finally catches up with it, you will end up with a notice in your Google Webmasters tools saying that you have an unnatural linking profile and the links have either been ignored or your site has been penalised. That penalty may be as severe as taking the site out of the Google index.

The net result will be a massive loss of traffic and some will be put out of business completely. Some businesses have been put out of business because of the “bad behaviour” of their SEO companies. They claimed that they didn’t know this was happening or they didn’t understand it. Nevertheless, as far as Google is concerned,  the business owner  was responsible.

Currently, the industry is full of people talking about:

  • How to build links from sites that are not text-based (like video sites or pod casts or even iPhone apps).
  • How to vary the anchor text profile to be sure that Google doesn’t pick this up.
  • And other SEO techniques designed to build inorganic links.

Well, that’s obviously the next phase of (grey hat) SEO techniques. Eventually Google is going to catch up with those and they will stop working – if they even work at all now.  It’s not future proof.

Find out more about our Social SEO Service, and how we can improve the ROI of your online marketing.

Links Are Still Important.

While Google has created a filter to remove certain sites from the index, the Google algorithm essentially remains the same. It still uses back links to judge the importance and value. This means that link building is still important.

So How Can You Build Links Naturally?

SEO Services Using Social Media

Think about it, if you have an audience, you won’t need to do link building because your audience will get the word out for you.

The right people will hear about your content and your link bait. The audience will make all the noise that you need to get the attention of the right people.

The audience is the key to online marketing, social media, to doing better with search engine optimisation and ironically, key to making your business Google-proof and independent of Google.

And with all the developments in social media in the last few years coupled with the nature of social media, people are telling each other about things that are happening online. They are sharing information and content they find valuable, which means that if you can build an audience, even starting with one or two people, you can start to share stories and engage with people and have them share your content and your links.

This works better than manufacturing links and it is consistent with what Google is trying to achieve to get in the web populated by great content that people love.

Of course, your audience is interested in a particular topic and they are looking for a flow of information that is of value and interest to them.

This is the same reason people buy magazines or watch particular TV programs. Nowadays, there are a lot of social media sites that we can use to build an audience.

Our approach to Social SEO and online marketing involves:

  • Finding and curating content that is of interest to the audience and your target market.
  • Developing our own high quality, unique content that is interesting to the audience.
  • Developing, building and interacting with an audience.
  • Sharing that content with the audience.