Marketing Automation

In summary marketing automation or marketing management systems provide a strongly positive ROI because they:

  1. Drive more leads.
  2. Convert them to sales.
  3. Optimize your marketing.
  4. Automate regular recurring business processes.

Here's an overview of SharpSpring, our recommended marketing management automation system for most businesses.

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Marketing automation streamlines marketing processes to improve time-intensive tactics such as lead nurturing, the most important objective for businesses.

Marketing Funnel

This allows you to:

  • Fill your sales funnel by capturing leads with great content gated by dynamic forms.
  • Identify highly interested and sales-ready leads with lead scoring.
  • Develop leads that aren’t sales-ready by automatically putting them on nurturing campaigns.
  • Instantly notify salespeople about leads that are ready to buy.
  • See exactly when leads fall out of your pipeline and take action.
  • Know which tactics are driving revenue with end-to-end ROI

Reaching out to individually nurture leads one at a time isn’t realistic for most companies and takes a huge amount of time for the ones that do.  Marketing automation’s strength is that by segmenting leads based on interests and stage in the buying cycle, you can have a one-on-one conversation… with thousands of people at once.

Knowing How To Take Advantage Of Marketing Automation

Not knowing how to take advantage of marketing  automation and not being able to afford it are the two biggest obstacles businesses face when trying to
implement automation.

Marketing Automation Challenges Graphic

Budget and strategy can be intimidating when considering adopting marketing automation, but they don’t have to be with SharpSpring. High-quality marketing automation is becoming available at prices even very small companies can afford, and quality providers offer guidance and support regarding marketing automation strategy.

Marketing Automation Cost Comparison
Cost of ownership for various marketing automation systems.#


Knowing the conversion rates for leads at each step of the selling cycle lets you pinpoint exactly where your sales funnel is leaking and how you can fix it.

It’s a familiar story that a company has plenty of leads and yet doesn’t end up with plenty of sales. You know they’re dropping off somewhere, but you don’t know where, so you can?t fix the problem. Marketing automation lets you distinguish the pieces of your sales process and shows you where leads are falling off.  Too often, we see people advertising on Adwords and tracking clicks or, even better, tracking leads and phone calls. But using SharpSpring helps you close the loop from keyword to sale, and even the simple cost saving here will likely pay for Sharpspring for many businesses with a moderate PPC budget.

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