Small Business Internet Marketing:Why Google Page One Is So Valuable


Small Business Internet Marketing And Google Page 1

Do you want more leads for your business? Would you like to spend less on advertising? I thought so !

Small Business Internet Marketing: A Wise Investment

Getting your site on page one of Google will make a fantastic improvement in the flow of customers to your business and your cost per lead.  Of course being number one on page one is even better. For many small businesses, where the competitive intensity for the relevant keywords is not too high, it is a good idea to incorporate getting onto Google page 1 as part of your small business Internet marketing. With over 60% of all internet searches being carried out on Google, it has become the dominant search engine of our time. This video explains why being on Google’s page one for organic search is invaluable for your flow of business leads and your costs.

Your Small Business Internet Marketing Should Focus On Google Page 1

Pages on the organic search listing have way more credibility than the sites listed in the paid advertising. They get up to eight times more likely to get clicks than the sites listed in the advertising.

This is shown in research by using a heat map – which tracks where peoples’ eyes go to when looking on a page. Red is hot (high concentration of views) and blue is cold (low concentration of views).   The Google heat map shows a concentration of eyeball attention in the top left hand corner of the search engine’s listings. Google Heat Map

The first three or four sites get nearly all the time and activity on the page. Attention then drifts off, as people move down the page. There is hardly any attention paid to you the ads on the right hand side.

Organic listings get approximate 8X much traffic compared to the paid advertising. The number one site gets about 50% of the traffic and the top four or five sites listed on Google page 1 get about 80% of the available clicks. 90% of searches eventually lead to the sale.

This means that you get more leads and lower advertising costs for your business pages if you are on Google page one... particularly if you rank in the first three or four of this listing. This is why search engine optimisation should be part of your small business Internet marketing plan.

In effect – the correct execution of a small business Internet marketing strategy to get on page 1 of Google, turns your website from a financial drag on your business into a valuable piece of Web real estate capable of generating a passive flow of leads to your business.

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