Search Engine Optimisation In Australia – A Case Study

Search Engine Optimisation In Australia – And Some Proof

Perhaps you’ve used SEO services before, but this is different. We are not doing this type of work for every industry in Oz, rather we are specialists in generating leads for small business and small business internet marketing. We offer search engine optimisation services in Australia.

We’ve proven it by achieving the top website ranking on Google in under three weeks – so please watch the video below to discover what we have been doing and how your business can benefit from our services.


Small Business Search Engine Optimisation – Where’s The Beef?

Search Engine OptimisationCome on then – prove you can do it? That’s a fair statement that I hear many small business operators say. And fair enough too. You want to see the search engine optimisation works.

Well here is some proof…

In August 2010, we registered and launched a website in the brush fencing market –

Then we added content to the site and promoted it with back links and video marketing and within two weeks, we had achieved page one domination of Google and other search engines like Bing for brush fencing related keywords.


As a result of our search engine optimisation activities, we had:

  • The number 1 place on Google Maps / Google Places.
  • The number 1 listing under the Google Maps for the site (ahead of some Page Rank 2 & 3 sites).
  • All 10 video spots on the video page.
  • Real traffic with downloads of our free lead capture report.
  • Real leads, which we could to refer to brush fencing contractors.

We are not in the brush fencing business and nor did we want to get into the brush fencing business. But the evidence in this video shows that we know what we are doing when it comes to search engine optimisation for small business websites and what we can do for your business.


Search Engine Optimisation Australia – Page 1 Rankings for Two Sites

If you are interested in promoting your website, give us a call, so we can show you what we can do for you.

We promise if you give us a little of your time, you will be happy you did. Your business deserves it.

Next Steps

  • Get a free SEO analysis of your website
  • Call:  Vossey right now on 0412 418 602 to find out more about promoting your website via search engine optimisation in Australia.