Social SEO Profit Elevator

How To Use Social Media and Content To Elevate Traffic, Lead and Customer Flow To Your Website


The social SEO profit elevator involves two main things

  •  Great content
  • An Audience

The Value Of Content

Great content adds value to the web so Google likes it

You need to create your own content – fantastic wow content!

But you don’t need to develop all of it…you can curate and use other people’s content in legitimate ways.

All that content has two additional benefits – even without an audience – which is why inbound content marketing works on its own.

It adds authority to your website…so a 100 page site normally has more authority than a 10 page website and a 1000 page site has more authority than a 100 page site.

With all that extra content your site becomes more relevant for a wider range of searches so you attract more traffic just because of that.  So you can see that content on its own will generate more targeted you can’t really go wrong there – provided its great content.


Adding Social Media And An Audience To The Mix

But adding social media and building an audience is the engine that cranks this elevator.

It’s the audience that brings two things to the mix:

  1. More leads and sales directly from interacting with the audience
  2. More search engine kudos as that great content you are creating gets commented on, shared, liked, reused and linked to.

The search engines can’t really ignore the effect of this audience and as we know social signals are now an important part of the search engine’s ranking factors.

You can choose to use all or some of the main social media channels to build your audience(s).

Of course the challenge here is the normal challenge faced by any publisher – because that’s what you have become now – a business person and a publisher. That challenge is to ensure that the content you publish is of interest and value to your audience.  If you don’t the audience won’t grow and your content will be treated like the content that arrives with those local newspapers they throw in your drive way each week – in the bin.

But if you get the content right, the payoff is huge and it becomes an unstoppable elevator of traffic, lead and sales.

Let’s have a look at an example of this in action

Here’s an article written by Danny Goodwin of search engine watch – a great site of info about search engines.

SEJ Article

We can see that 660+ people have tweeted about this article.

And there are 150000+ references of to the heading of this article. Most of the people who use the article – by writing about it or referring to are going to be linking back to the article

SEJ Article1

On top of the 660 odd tweets, there are also 640+ retweets – we someone as sent on the first tweet that was sent to them. So the 660 initial tweets gave an audience potential of over 230,000 and you can bet even if 1% of them clicked the link and went to your site, that’s some serious traffic…and we didn’t follow the threads for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterst, Google plus or the other social media channels that could be used.

SEJ Article2

And here’s the article…#4 for Google Penguin – a search term with 56.8 million competing pages.

SEJ Article3

So the addition of the audience gives

  • High authority
  • High relevance
  • Large audience
  • More traffic, lead and sales

Each enhances and builds on the other from a  base  of great content.

What more info about how the Social SEO Profit Elevator can do for your business? Give Hendrik a call on 02 800 34 35 6