Online Marketing Strategy: Three Critical Website Elements

From the perspective of online marketing strategy, there are three key elements of a productive website:

  1. Design and copy writing.
  2. Search engine optimisation (SEO).
  3. Web site marketing

This video explains more.


Online Marketing Strategy – The Three Critical Elements Of A Productive Website

One thing that really bugs me about most Internet  marketing strategies, is the focus on traffic or the number of clicks hitting a page. Okay, this is important… … but what is the point in driving a whole lot of traffic to your website if the copy and design and functionality the website does not convert people when they get there? This is simply a waste of money. And I dislike that.

Online Marketing Strategy Element One: Design

First you want your website to be attractive. This is an important element of your online marketing strategy.  You want it to reflect well on you and your company. That's where the web site design aspect comes into it. I'm constantly fiddling with the design of my websites as I'm never totally happy with them. So your designer has to have great graphic arts capability and your copywriters' need to be good at coming up with copy that makes the website interesting, readable, helpful and useful for people who come to the site.  

Online Marketing Strategy Element Two: Content

When a potential customer comes to your website, they are immediately trying to decide if your website is useful to them. You've got about 10,  maybe 20 and less than 30 seconds to engage them…before they hit the back or close button. This means the information on your site must be powerful and relevant to encourage them to stay on the site, especially if you want them to pick up the phone and call you. Your site needs to give them reasons to contact you by showing that your site is relevant to them and their needs.  

Online Marketing Strategy Element Three: Content

However, it doesn't matter how beautiful the website is if nobody can find it. That is where a search engine optimisation expert comes in. The SEO expert makes sure people can find you and your website –  to see the graphics and read the well crafted copy that your web designer created. So if your search engine optimisation person or your designer does not understand marketing, the new website may not do what you expect it to.  That is to get people to call you or come into your shop or e-mail and eventually buy from you.


Online Marketing Strategy Development

Online Marketing StrategyThe marketing of the website becomes a critical element in this overall picture. So what you can expect a marketing consultant like Online Business Builders to do for you is to make sure that your website is going to accomplish all of  those functions.

The Importance Of Search Terms Or Keywords

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that you have the right search terms (or keywords) in mind. If the search terms are incorrect or not relevant, then the person who is helping you with the search engine optimisation is not going to be able to do their job well. They will simply end up integrating the wrong search terms and contexts into the copy and pictures on your site. And before anything else that takes place on your web site, you need to settle on the right search terms. The search terms of people are using to look for you and to look for your kind of business category, the kind words they would use to find you. If you're looking for examples of search terms in your industry give me a call, and we will take a look for you.  

Engaging Your Website Visitors

A key element of your online marketing strategy is that you want your web site to engage the person right away at the level of their need. Is your web site currently expressing any kind of solution to a need question or an opening that causes a person to think that you and your business understand them and their needs? Or is your website merely talking about you and your solutions? Does your website show that you have not only the solution to their problem but the best solution to their problem? Does your website explain why you are different and better than any other potential supplier? This, in particular, is a very difficult question to answer and most small businesses, in my experience, don't do a very good job of answering it. Have a look at your own website, does it really explain to a customer or a potential customer why you are the best and only solution to their needs?  

Understanding The Competition

You can also expect your marketing consultant to have done some competitive research of the other websites in your industry, in your field and, in your product category. This is to make sure he or she is using the best in modern standards that are being used in your industry. In doing that competitive research, you can determine the kind of need fulfillment, has to take place to convert visitors to customers.  You can find the text that is being used, the kinds words that have been used in order to generate leads and sales. You can also find the SEO terms, words and phrases that your competitors are using in order to drive business. So, there should be a competitive analysis and  a keyword search analysis before you start the development of an online marketing strategy.  It certainly should be done before the very first word is written. Before the very first idea is conceived on your web site.


Online Marketing Strategy: Getting A Productive Website

If those things are not happening today, then it is unlikely that your web assets are delivering the pulling power that they could be for your business. You need to give Online Business Builders a call on +61 2 800 34 35 6. We can make sure that your web site is productive – not just the brochure, not just a stopping place, not just a simple splash page that causes people to know that you're in business and nothing else. Our goal is to provide you with an online marketing strategy that makes sure that your web site works for you, generates traffic, and then brings that traffic to you, to the phone, to the e-mail or into your business to do business with you. We can make sure that your web site is the three things we just talked about::

  • It lets people where you to find you.
  • Once they find you, it lets them know that you care about them, and that you can fulfil their needs and provide solutions to their problems.
  • Then we want them to be able to easily reach you by e-mail, by phone, by other methods and by walking into your shop if you have a brick and mortar store.

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