Social SEO

Full Funnel Marketing That Makes You Money

  • Expand your reach on both Google and in social
  • Increase the total non-paid traffic to your website
  • Build and improve sales to your email list
  • Grow the strength of your brand
  • Reduce your lead creation and sales costs
  • Add revenue to your bottom line
  • Know what marketing works

Done For You Marketing and SEO
So You Can Run Your Business


It generally takes no more than an hour of your time to get us all the information we need to setup your new service.  

We then do a 3 month phased rollout, starting at top of funnel, and working to bottom.


We run it all!  We select the topics, create the content, post it to your blog, amplify it on social, and manage your paid promotions on Facebook.

You set your Facebook budget so you can grow just as fast as you want!


We'll always provide monthly updates and respond to questions in our collaboration portal, but every quarter you'll also have a one-on-one screen-share with your account manager to review performance, answer any extended questions, and discuss any recommended improvements.

Here's What We Do

Month 1

Top Of Funnel

  • Define your target Avatar and configure it in Facebook.
  • Setup your top two campaigns ("Attract" and "Educate").
  • Identify curated sources of "hand raising content" to attract your audience.
  • Setup and start the content promotion machine.
  • Run Top of Funnel content to your social media pages.
  • Get your content creation and publishing machine ready for month 2.
  • Make sure your blog is ready for month 2.

Month 2

Middle Of Funnel

  • Continue to run and manage the campaigns setup in month 1.
  • Setup your middle of funnel campaign.
  • Adjust and reallocate Facebook budget to fund new campaign.
  • Review and enhance measurement and tracking in Google Analytics.
  • Create custom Call To Actions to monetise your blog.
  • Create and publish at least two unique blog posts each week.
  • Syndicate and promote your blog posts to Facebook (and Twitter if required).

Month 3

Bottom Of Funnel

  • Continue to run and manage four campaigns setup in months 1 and 2.
  • Setup your email subscriber campaign in Facebook.
  • Adjust and reallocate Facebook budget to fund new campaign.
  • Setup the automated promotion machine for (optional) sales promotions.
  • Begin testing new or modified Top of Funnel audience.
  • Build and send a nurturing email each week.
  • Syndicate to email to Facebook (and Twitter if required).

Month 4 and beyond


  • Continue to run and manage four campaigns.
  • Provide on-going reporting.
  • Adjust and reallocate Facebook spend as appropriate.
  • Adjust Facebook campaign allocations.
  • Quarterly planning meeting via phone and screen-share to review targeting and adjustments to strategy.
  • No long term contract - cancel anytime with just 30 days notice.

Easy monthly payments

  • To get started, pay just $425  for your first month.  You are billed monthly on your anniversary date in months 2 and 3 to complete your 90 day setup period.
  • Months 4 and beyond are automatically rebilled just $425  for the complete, top to bottom, full Social SEO Funnel Marketing service.
  • After your 3 month initial setup period, you can cancel at anytime with just 30 days notice.
  • You control and fund your Facebook budget!  We'll provide our best recommendation and will manage to whatever number you set, but you are always in control.  Note: Each campaign (up to 5 during month 3 and beyond) requires a minimum budget of $1/day, so you should plan on at least $5/day total starting in month three.

Get started today! 

Be up and running in just 2 weeks

I want to get started, please sign me up for your Social SEO Traffic Engine. Please have your team contact me to get me started on this program just as soon as possible! Lockin a time to help you get started.

Summary Terms

We require an initial term of 3 months. For this you pay just $997 per month, billed on your anniversary date. At the end of 90 days, if you decide to continue, we will continue to bill you $997 each month.

There is no long term contract: you can cancel at any time with just 30 days notice.

You fund your Facebook budget. A minimum of $5/day is required for full operation. We will allocate that budget to campaigns, subject to your review and approval. We'll also recommend (optional) additional spend where we see opportunity to grow your business faster.

By using Our SEO Service, You acknowledge and agree that You have read, understood, acknowledged and agreed to be bound by our full SEO Terms and Conditions.

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